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Sonoma Place Setting

"Not so much that I wanted to bring California cuisine to New England, but just the thought process out in have incredible quality goods and pride of workmanship. That's what I try to bring to Sonoma on a daily basis."
                    – Sonoma Chef/Owner Bill Brady
Ideas for Dining Out at Sonoma!

Anniversary Dinners :::
Nothing beats a quiet, romantic dinner at home. But cooking means extra work, a big mess in the kitchen and a damper on any anniversary celebration. So why not do something extra-special? Let Sonoma create a romantic experience that's "Intimate. Elegant. And quite unforgettable!”

Special Occasion Dinners :::
Birthdays, Reunions, meeting old friends – come to the country for a quiet, intimate social time. You'll find Sonoma servers attentive, but not obtrusive.

Escape Evenings :::
Sometimes a night away from the kids is just what the therapist ordered! We can offer you everything to support a relaxing and romantic evening away from work and family. Think of it as a mini-escape...courtesy of Sonoma!

The Best Business :::
Good business involves good communication, praise and reward. Sonoma is that all-important place to hold a "strategy huddle" or reward others – or just yourself!